Yorkie Poo and Cockapoo

Puppy Supplies


Here are a list of items that you will need for your Yorkie Poo or Cockapoo puppy before you bring home your new puppy, be sure you review the following and have the supplies listed:

1.  Set up an appointment with your veterinarian.  You will know when you are going
     to pick up your new puppy so you can easily preschedule a visit. Please make sure that
     your new puppy is under the care of a good veterinarian.

2. Purchase Purina Pro Plan dry brand puppy food -
    Your new puppy has been eating Purina Pro Plan dry puppy food.
    You can purchase it at the following locations.

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Below is a list of popular store that stock Purina Pro Plan products. Please click on the store that is in your town you and you may also want to visit their websites to find a store location near you.

3. Stainless steel bowls one for food and one for water.  
    They are easy to clean and do not harbor diseases.

4. Puppy tag with your puppy name, your name, phone number and your veterinarian
     name and phone number.

5. A collar and a leash.

6. A soft bed.

7. A crate to sleep in or use for potty training. Be sure to buy one that can be use for
    His/Her adult size. (24L x 18w x 21h)

8. Fleece pad that is machine washable for the size of the crate.

9. Puppy Toys. PLEASE DON'T BUY ANY RAW HIDE BONES for your new  puppy.

10. Pin Brush.

11. Steel Toothed Comb

12. Nail Clippers

13. Shampoo (I use fresh scent)

14. Nutri Dent Dental Brush Chews for maximum cleaning, Chew 'n Brush for floss,
      Chew'n Fresh to freshen breath.
     (Feed a different bone every day for unbelievable results)

15. Front line flea spray, collar or Adams Flea Shampoo.

16. Flea Comb (If needed).


I thank you for visiting me at Amanda's Poos. I hope you will enjoy my web site and all the information that I have on Cockapoos and YorkiePoos. Feel free to inquire about the puppies or if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 229-457-4658 (Cell).


I have provide information on my site about the supplies you will need for your cockapoo and  yorkie poo puppies, cockapoo and yorkiepoo waiting list procedures, shipping and delivery your puppy, how to train and care for your new cockapoo or yorkiepoo puppy, and more.



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