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These are some of my vet reports that I get back from my customer's when they purchase a puppy from me and take them to their vet to be sure that they are healthy like I say they are. I work closely with my new vet Ashley and her staff to insure that all puppies are in excellent health to the best of our knowledge. I use the same medicate that my vet using's. All of my puppies are seen by my vet at 6 weeks of age to get health check and their first set of shots. My customer's always get a health report from me showings where my puppies have been to myvet for a health check up.


Hi Amanda, just wanted to send you an update on UhOh. She has finally started sleeping all night and does not fuss much when we go to bed. Thank Heavens!
She is eating real good and is settleing into a routine. There is no doubt in her mind about who is training who. She is definitely a thinker. She catches on to most everything real fast. Most of the time now she is asking to go outside to potty, but I am still having a little problem with her peeing on the floor. That will get better with time, as she has a very small bladder and it needs to be trained to retain.

I took her to the vet on Wed. and he gave her the all clear. The only problem he saw was with the teething. Her teeth are coming through but it gives her some grief. I try to keep baby teething rings or whatever for her to chew on. But, of course our fingers are her favorite, and I am trying to discourage her on that one, as her teeth will only get sharper.

She is already providing us with much entertainment with her many antics, one of which the desire to climb. I have decided she is part monkey and part mountain goat. She loves to perch as high as she can get, and we have to discourage her so she doesn't take a tumble. She thinks her name right now is NO since that is used a lot.

But we already are forming a big attachment to her, and she is definitly helping to patch up my broken heart. Thanks for working with me and letting me have her.
I will send you a picture as soon as I can.

Respectfully, Debra Hilton

Parents Dixie and Yogi


Archie's first trip to the vet was a huge success. Dr. Ben Parker gave 
him perfect marks and told us to keep on doing everything the same way 
we have been. Archie's great. He has not made No. 2 in the house at 
all and has only 2 or 3 No. 1 mishaps. Last night he woke up only ONCE 
between 10 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. He's getting used to his surroundings 
and has met most of our neighbors. Everyone says he's the cutest puppy 
ever. We agree.

Thanks again for doing a great job getting your pups ready for adoption.


Parents Dixie and Yogi


We had a safe trip back to Mobile and finally home on Sunday.

Lucy met her new vet today and all is well. She will go back for shots in two weeks.

Thank you for a wonderful new addition to out family.

Egan and Shannon Jones

Parents Dixie and Yogi

Hi Amanda, just wanted to let you know we took the puppy to the vet today and everything is great.  He is eating very well and seems to be adjusting very well  - other than he hates the crate and being by himself.  Of course, we expected that.  We named him Leo and all of us have just fallen in love with him. 

Thanks again for all your help!! BTW - loved the video of all of them!!

Parents Dixie and Yogi

Hi Amanda!
I wanted to send you a note to let you know that our puppy is just wonderful!  She got her vet checkup this morning and all looked great.

We named her Georgie because she's so curious, and I have been so impressed at how easy she is. Thank you do much for all your work with crate training and potty training and socializing her.

She is a real pleasure, and I know a lot of that credit goes to you.  We will keep you posted on her progress, if you like.

Best wishes,

Sent from my iPhone
Jetta and Bobo litter

Hi Amanda,
I wanted to thank you for the care you gave Buffy in her first weeks of life.  She is wonderful!  She has a sweet personality and disposition.  She's energetic and playful.  She loves people and other dogs.  She's adorable and lovable.
I also want you to know that she is very healthy.  She had her second visit to the vet today.  She was given her 2nd booster shot and now weighs 5.5 lbs.  The doctor said she is doing great.
Julia and Josh (Howell) gave her to us on April 28th.  I am Julia's mother.
I am attaching some photos.
Thanks again for the care you give,
Jo-Ann Walsh
Kay and Elmo litter
Dr. Dennard said she was in great health and had beautiful features of both breeds.    He said you had done a very good job in the breeding and health care.   She weighed 3lbs 9oz.      She is doing great in our home and her favorite game  is chasing the cats.   Will keep you updated.     Lynn
Cat Lover & Cockapoo Mom.

Sammi and Chester litter (Cockapoo)
Rylee is doing excellent. She did not cry while in the crate the first night. Her vet gave her a great report today. She weighed 2.3 lbs. Her concern was Rylee's ear hair but after 8 weeks, she said for me to get it pulled during grooming. She is so sweet and we all love her. I will send pics soon. Thank you for such a great experience!!!! Sent from my iPad

Dixie and Yogi litter
Dear Amanda,
We just got home from our visit to the vet and I wanted to let you know right away that our little boy Puck (parents Kay and Elmo) has been declared in excellent health!  He is an adorable 2.3 lbs bright-eyed bundle of absolute joy.  
He has been transitioning well and we really appreciate the head start you gave him on the crate training; he loves his little crate.  As expected, on the first night, he whined for 45 minutes before going to sleep.  He only whined for 5 minutes last night and I'm hopeful he'll do even better tonight.  We are also making good progress on the house training and he hasn't had any accidents since we arrived home.  
Our whole family is in love with Puck.  Thank you so much for being so patient and answering all of the questions of this first-time puppy parent.  I really can't imagine things going more smoothly so you are obviously doing a wonderful job getting your little puppies ready for their new homes.  If we decide to take the plunge and adopt a second puppy, I wouldn't hesitate to make the 11-hour drive again to pick up another puppy from you.
Our beautiful little boy, Puck
Kay and Elmo litter
Hi there!

My boyfriend and I took Peyton home on October 30th 2012. We drove to you on a whim just to "look" haha. He is great! He is potty trained, playful, obedient, he loves fetch, he is loving, and overall the best puppy! He is healthy and already about 8.5 pounds! He finished all his shots about a month and a half ago and has had his first trip to the groomers! He is everything I wanted and more! Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy!

Kay and Yogi litter

Hi Amanda,

We got Lylee all set up with a vet really close to our house.  The check up went well. We adore her and she is settling in rather easily.  Again, thank you so much.

About how much food should I be giving her?
If I think of anything else I will email you.  


Thank you for meeting us in Macon. We made it home safe and sound with our new puppy. By the end of the day, Jessica decided on the name, Mila, after all the names she had - and there we so many! It seems to suit the pup!
She had a very good weekend and a good check at the vet today. She weighed 1lb 15 oz ! She does seem like she has grown since we got her. She's been a pleasure and we look forward to watching her grow and become a part of our family.
Thanks again for all the information and photos.
Take care and happy holidays! Kathleen Haidet

Sahara and Elmo litter
Hi Amanda,
We took Tink to her vet check up today.  She said everything looks good.  She is adjusting well to her new home.  Her and Beck have started playing so they seem to be having a good time.  We just love her. Thanks again,

Sahara and Elmo litter
Hi Amanda,
Here's documentation of Payslee's doctor's visit. She's 2.7lbs and healthy.
Sent from my iPhone

Dixie and Yogi litter
I'm sorry for checking in with you so late!! Bama is doing great, we took him to the vet when we got back on Tuesday and he weighed in at 3.5 pounds!  The vet said he is healthy and we got him his 2nd round of shots... He is due back on the 7th of November. We will start him on flea, tick, and heartworm medication at the end of this month, the vet said it was best to wait till the end of the month so that his weight could get up a little!  thank you so much for the puppy and God bless!
Coach Thom

Kay and Yogi litter
We have named our puppy Tucker. He traveled very well on the long trip  home. First 2 nights he cried all night. Last night we added a large stuff  animal to his crate. He only cried for about 1/2 hr. then slept the whole  night.  We think we're over the hurdle of sleeping alone at  night.  He's adjusting quite well to our family and got along  well with our 2 yr. old grandson.  It was the first time, everyone was  relaxed with a dog in our home. 
We took Tucker to the vet yesterday.  He had a thorough check-up and  vet said he was a very healthy puppy.  He was given another worming during  the visit.  Sarah said he's got a very laid back personality and she  commented on how relaxed he was in strange surroundings.  She was surprised  he wasn't shaking or whimpering as is typical of toy breeds. Bold as  you please, he walked right up to her and the vet tech when she entered the exam  room.   He also sat calmly at my side as we talked after she gave him back  to me.  Her comments confirmed our thoughts that the selection of a  Yorkie Poo was a good choice for us and our grandchildren.    He's scheduled to go back in 2 weeks for next round of shots.   I've attached invoice from our vet.
I'll send you some photos in a few weeks as some of the changes in  appearance are more pronounced.

Hannah and Yogi litter
Hi Amanda, Roxi is doing fine.  She went to the vet today, received a good bill of health. She return on Wednesday for her remaining vaccines.

Brandi and Elmo litter







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